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"Freedom is a drug, much like any other."
“Figuring things out for yourself is practically the only freedom anyone really has nowadays.  Use that freedom.”
“Freedom, baby, is never having to say you're sorry.”
“Liberty is a soul’s right to breathe.”
“We live in a free country and that is a powerful idea. That’s a magnificent way to live.  But there is a price for that freedom which is that sometimes we have tolerate things that we don’t necessarily like.”
“If liberty means anything, it means the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.”
"I don't want to live someone else's idea of how to live."
“I am committed to a desperate enterprise.  I have said farewell to everything I have come to regard as indispensable.  But I suppose I have found freedom.”
“If you want to have freedom, you’ve got to go where the freedom is.”
"I take orders from just one person – me."
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