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“There’s a little bit of envy in the best of us and that’s too bad.”
“My feelings?  About ten years ago I hid them somewhere and I haven’t been able to find them.”
“Don’t get too ‘faintified’ on me!”
“This can't last. This misery can't last.  I must remember that and try to control myself.  Nothing lasts really. Neither happiness nor despair.  Not even life lasts very long.  There'll come a time in the future when I shan’t mind about this anymore, when I can look back and say quite peacefully and cheerfully how silly I was.”
“There are some things that are useless to fight against, Monsieur, and one of them is another woman’s jealousy.”
“We think too much and feel too little.”
“I must say that I prefer comedy.  It’s a sign of getting old, they say, but I can’t help it.  There is tragedy enough in the world.  I don’t think we have to buy our tears.”
“You never miss the water until the well runs dry.”
“If you didn’t feel the way you do, things wouldn’t be the way they are, would they?”
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