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“Did you ever look in the mirror so long that your face doesn’t make sense anymore?  It just becomes all these shapes.  Just shapes – not good or bad.”
“You know how someone’s appearance can change the longer you know them?  How a really attractive person, if you don’t like them, can become more and more ugly?  Whereas someone you might not have even noticed, that you wouldn’t look at more than once, if you love them, can become the most beautiful thing you’ve seen.”
“I don’t eat anything so I can look good on the outside, but on the inside there’s nothing.”
“If I dressed like that, I'd have to kick my own ass.”

“Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?”
“I like a girl in a bikini, no concealed weapons.”
“That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing.”
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty.  That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know."
“A girl that feels strong, looks strong.”
“How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants.”
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