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“All the admiration in the world can’t fill the spot where love goes.”
“You know, the funny thing about notoriety, especially the kind that needs adoration, if unchecked, it inevitably leads to villainy.”
“In the world we live in, you cannot be credible unless you’re visible.”
"Fame is definitely a mixed blessing.  Almost everyone will admit that, at some time in their life, they wished they had it.  Once it starts, it's fun.  The fun quickly wears off if you ever want to be alone."
“It’s press, not prestige.  Get used to it.”
“I don’t believe love and fame can live in the same place.”
“I used to be somebody.  Now I’m somebody else.”
"Every person is born twice.  The second time is when you earn your place among the people forever."
“Saying you want to be popular guarantees it’s not going to happen.”
“For me to go on television and complain about publicity is a little inconsistent.”
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