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"Accepting whatever comes my way, good bad, it doesn't matter.  What matters is just getting in that groove."
"It's kind of beautiful, isn't it, that we get to feel passion in this world."
"Frontiers are where you find them."
"You've got to embrace your inner strange.  When you do that, you bring who you are, never who they want.  And that, my friend, is when it gets fun."
"It's a gift to be striving at all, even if it looks feeble to others."
"If you want to succeed, really succeed, the only choice you have is to mentally toughen up."
Things only mean as much as the meaningfulness that we allow them to have."
"Finding the tangents within the framework, therein lies the artistry, man."
"It's about finding out who you are in the space between the notes that they're offering you.  You've got to tune in and don't be afraid to let the experience find you."
"Rock and roll isn't about being glamorous or hip, it's a force.  It's a revolutionary, political, sexual, and poetic force."
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