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Dustin Hoffman

“Lightbulbs die, my sweet.  I will depart.”
“Accountant – according to the word, it must be a cross between a ‘counter’ and a ‘mutant’.”
"Some plots are moved forward by external events and crises, others are moved forward by the character themselves.  If I go through that door, the plot continues - the story of me through the door.  If I stay here, the plot can't move forward.  The story ends."
"Go live it like the one you've always wanted."
“You create your own opportunities.”
“Everyone has choices.  One can change the direction in which one is going.”
“The harder you come down on the deviant, the more you need him.”
“The trouble is we all live in a happy ending culture, a ‘what should be’ culture instead of a ‘what is’ culture.  We’re all taught that fantasy.  But if we were taught this is what is, I think we’d all be less screwed up.”
“A temptation resisted is a true measure of character.”
"Blame is for God and small children."
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