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Death and Dying

“To each person, their own way of death – with dignity.”
“When people and animals die, they stay with us in our minds.”
“Players never die – they just try their luck at another table.”
“Some things are more precious because they don’t last.”
“Funerals are important rituals. They don’t just recognize that a life has ended; they recognize that a life was lived.”
“Nothing ever truly dies.  The universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed.”
“We are meant to lose the people we love.  How else would we know how important they are to us?”
“You can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went.  You can swear and curse the fates.  But when it comes to the end, you have to let go.”
“I like to think that people live on in other people’s memories.”
“You know, the ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death.  When their souls got to the entrance to heaven, the guards asked two questions.  Their answers determined whether they were able to enter or not.  ‘Have you found joy in your life?’  'Has your life brought joy to others?’”
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