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Choice vs Destiny

“Whatever you do is what shall be.”
“You are fully capable of deciding your own destiny.  The question you face is, ‘Which path will you choose?’.  This is something only you can decide.”
“Sometimes you find your destiny on the road you took to avoid it.”
“We’re all going the same way.  We’re just taking different roads to get there, that’s all.  You’re on your own road.”
“You got to do what you’re meant to do.”
“You have options.  You can either continue to be miserable or you can just stop being angry at everyone and accept the way things are.  Allow yourself to live.”
“Your destiny is in your hands, brother.”
"It's a choice that each of us must face - to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate, or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside."
“I’ve lived for a very long time and the one thing I learned – fate doesn’t decide everything.  People get to choose.”
“What you get is what you get.  What you do with what you get, that’s more the point.”
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