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changeIn the twenty-first century, change is constant. Change drives people out of their comfortably numb chairs into a world of exciting new experiences. Change isn’t comfortable yet just beyond the discomfort lies a range of endless possibilities. It is a modern truth that if you don’t happen to change, change is going to happen to you. Happen to change.

Here are some movie quotes about change.

"Life is long. It'd be pretty boring if we had to stay the same version of ourselves the whole time."
"What a caterpillar calls the end, we call a butterfly."
"Nothing stays the same forever."
"If you want something different you have to do something different."
"Our past is never where we left it."
"Nothing in life ever stays the same - good or bad."
"You can't change where you came from but you can change where you're going."
"God's plan is our chaos."
"The minute you're used to something, the minute you think, "Oh this is how life is", life finds a way of surprising you."
"Nothing's certain. Not the future, not even the present."
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