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Beautiful Girls

"Implants, collagen, plastic, capped teeth, the fat sucked out, the hair extended, the nose fixed, the bush shaved.  These are not real women, all right?  They're beauty freaks.  And they make all us normal women with our wrinkles, our puckered boobs, and our cellulite feel somehow inadequate."
“A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you've been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you feel high full of the single greatest commodity known to man - promise. Promise of a better day. Promise of a greater hope. Promise of a new tomorrow.”
“If you had an ounce of self-esteem, of self-worth, of self-confidence, you would realize that as trite as it may sound, beauty is truly skin-deep.”
“One comes to a decision based on what one wants, not based on what one doesn’t want.  Got it?”
"One comes to a decision based on what one wants not on what one doesn't want."
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