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“One life ends, another begins.”
“When you’re really enjoying what you do, there’s your balance.”
“Nature is about balance. All the world comes in pairs - Yin and Yang, right and wrong, men and women; what's pleasure without pain?”
“Despite my privileged upbringing, I'm actually quite well-balanced. I have a chip on both shoulders.”
“You mustn’t sacrifice everything to emotion, it’s all a question of balance.”
“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.  As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.”
"My mind works in strange ways.  Whenever things are at their best, I start waiting for them to fall apart.  I can't figure out if I do it to myself or if life does it for me."
“I'm just trying to keep everything in balance, Woodrow.  You do more work than you got to, so it's my obligation to do less.”
“You know, the finest line a man will walk is between success at work and success at home.”
Lesson not just karate only, lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance, everything be better. Understand?”
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