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“If you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is."
“This quitting thing, it's a hard habit to break once you start.”
“I don’t accept any of that ‘life is a river’ or ‘life is a fountain’ routine.  Perhaps philosophically it makes sense.  But man has to struggle or he’ll drown in the river.”
“It’s just as easy to have it the way you want it.”
“Once in a while you should do something you don’t want to do, it cleanses the insides.”
“You will go on.  We do, you know.  We have to.”
“People in serious trouble don’t care who helps them out.”
“If you have to live from hand-to-mouth, you'd better be ambidextrous.”
"A few dark clouds arrive on your horizon – you just go to pieces, don't you?"
“Life is total war, my friend.  Nobody has the right to be a conscientious objector.”
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