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"Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best; divorce lawyers see good people at their worst."
"Can you see where you're going? Now let's talk about how you get there."
"Each of us is more than the worst thing that we've ever done."
"Be prepared.  Just when you think you found your way, life will throw you onto a new path."
"The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering."
"Life after death isn't the question.  It's life before death.  So, how are you going to do it?  How are you going to live?
"One must make compromises in order to achieve greatness."
"I am the creator of my own destiny.  That which you manifest is before you."
"There's no dishonor in losing the race.  There's only dishonor in not racing because you're afraid to lose."
"We make things better if we stick together."
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