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"Getting rich is easy; any fool can get rich.  Many number of fools do.  But being rich, that's something else.  When a man becomes wealthy he has to deal with the problems of freedom.  All the choices he could possibly want.  An abyss opens up.  I've watched that abyss.  I've watched in ruin men, marriages, and, most of all, it ruins the children."
"Prepare for the worst and you won't be disappointed."
"The last ripple of a mighty wave washed ashore here."
"There is no such thing as truth.  Everyone has their own truth."
"It's not important to be right, it's only important to be true."
"Get on the right path and you'll find your inner peace."
"A person should do the things a person loves with the people a person loves.  Because you never know what happens next."
"I think it is the expectations and assumptions of others that causes heartache."
"There are two things that will make a man move - fear and greed."
"Friendship is essential to the soul."
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