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"Every business starts small."
"There's only one thing worse than awkward silence - small talk.'
"Our legacy isn't what we write on a resume or how many commas we have in our bank account.  It's who we are lucky enough to have in our lives and what we can leave them with.  the one thing we do know - we're here now.  So I say we do the best we can while we're on this side of the dirt."
"All this anger, man.  It just begets greater anger."
"One cannot deny what one is meant to be."
"You don't need the whole world to love you.  Just a few good people."
"A man's station is limited only by his imagination."
"If we learn our lessons properly when we are young, we can expect a calm and happy life when faced with the distractions of the world."
"If we reach into the silence, we cannot be afraid.  For where there is nothing, there is God."
"If you want him to think big, give him something big to think about."
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