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"Hope don't get the job done."
"Comfort - the enemy of progress."
"Alone comes from two words - 'all one'."
"You lose excitement when you're married - I'll tell you that.  You can't have everything; that's my mantra."
"We all need a standing ovation at least once in our life."
"We like our stories to end with the promise of hope and happily ever after.  Too bad real lives don't have that structure.  Or hell, maybe they do.  Maybe it's right there in front of us.  We just can't see it."
"How are you going to learn anything about life if you refuse to live it?"
You get one life.  You decide how you're going to spend it."
"You got to ask yourself, "What can I live with?" and "What can I die without?"
"When we lose friends to death, that is the most profound loss.  When we lose them to marriage, the grease is subtler but just as keenly felt."
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