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“Every soul has a companion star that it returns to after death, if you lived a moral life.”
"I'd say, "Go on," but I'm afraid you will."
"The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots."
"Life is an improvisation."
"Part of achieving excellence is delivering excellence consistently."
"Our culture deliberately drives people to focus outside so it can control them.  If you can make people slaves of consumerism, slaves of success, slaves of status, you can manipulate them completely."
"When you don't fit in, you're forced to see the world from many different angles and points of view.  You gain knowledge and life lessons from disparate people and places.  And those lessons, for better or worse, have shaped me."
"Life's about seeing an open door and walking right through it."
"Sometimes you have to just make the choice and jump."
"He never looks back; it takes strength to do so.  Most people live in the past."
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