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“What people do in private is best left there.”
“He had the ability to make the world seem kind.”
"Genius is not only about a particular innate gift fot 'x'.  Genius is also about a desire to do 'x'.  It's about a willingness to sacrifice, it's about an ability to develop that kind of obsessive interest in perfecting one's ability to do some task."
“If we allow ourselves to be full of hate, then they have won.  We must not let them take our hearts.”
“It’s never too late to begin again.”
“Anger fades and is replaced by regret.”
"Never run with the crowd, Margaret. Go your own way."
“I don’t know anyone who goes to church anymore.  On Sunday, we go to Target.”
"Honor lost, all lost."
“A lot of rubbish is talked about love.  You know what real love is?  It’s wiping someone’s ass or changing the sheets when they’ve wet themselves.  And letting them keep their dignity so you can both go on.”
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