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"This is part of growing up—a little rebellion and a little adventure.  This is healthy."
“You are only good when you are at one with yourself.”
“The only person standing in your way is you.”
“This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob. It was a choice between who I am and who I should be.”
“This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions, this is a time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love, a lot. Major in philosophy, because there's no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind and change it again, because nothing's permanent.”
“There's a lot I don't understand about life. You meet thousands of people, and then you meet one person, and your life is changed forever.”
“It’s in the darkest moments when the cracks allow the inner light to come out.”
“Is it that your dream is unattainable or is it that you have the wrong dream?”
“If it’s change you need, relish the journey.”
“Life’s a journey that goes round and round and the end is closest to the beginning.”
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