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“When you light a lamp for someone else, you brighten your own path too.”
“No matter what your dream in life, no matter what your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.”
“Not everything comes along just when you want it.  There are times when choices just have to be made or you’ll simply miss out.”
“That which does not kill you only makes you…stranger.”
“You make your own luck.”
“Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough.  Sometimes people have got to have their faith rewarded.”
"It's a choice that each of us must face - to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate, or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside."
“I’ve lived for a very long time and the one thing I learned – fate doesn’t decide everything.  People get to choose.”
“Every day of freedom is like an act of faith.”
“Finding out the truth is only half of it.  It’s what you do with it that matters.”
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