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“Men with hunches, that’s where the real work gets done.”
“The one you fight with the most is always the one who’s most like you.”
“Nothing beats being really honest about who you are and what you need.  All the rest just works itself out.”
“I tried to forget the past.  I ran away from the pain because I was afraid.  But the past is always with us and it’s time I stopped running.”
“People do have a power over us, even when they’re gone.”
“If this is the richest country in the world, how come so many of us can barely afford to live here?”

“We need someone who is bigger than their speeches.”

“Instead of the mahi mahi, may I just get the one mahi because I’m not that hungry.”
"Ain't nothing to it but to do it, Man."
“With lies, you may go forward in the world but you may never go back.”
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