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“Beautiful women are invisible…we never actually see the person.  We see the beautiful shell.  We are blocked by the beauty barrier….We are so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside.”
“I know life’s hard but if you want to find a way, you find it.”
“It’s hard to like a man who doesn’t drink a little.”
“The thing that haunts a man the most is what he isn’t ordered to do.”
“I know you can’t live on hope alone, but without hope life isn’t worth living.  So you and you and you, you’ve got to give them hope.”
“The unhappiest people of the world are retired – no purpose.  What makes life mean something is purpose – a goal, a battle, a struggle.”

“I like to keep busy, I find it more interesting than keeping still.”

“You won't know until the end of your life who your greatest friends were or who your greatest love was.”
“Sometimes, being out of your comfort zone is a good thing.”
“If you want real political power, try telling the truth for a change.”
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