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“You’ll see when you move out.  It just sort of happens one day and it’s just gone.  And you can never get it back.  It’s like you get homesick for a place that doesn’t exist.  Maybe that’s all family really is, a group of people who miss the same imaginary place.”
“I've had to put myself in the way of people's kindness.”
“What makes a man a man?  It's the choices he makes.  Not how he starts things but how he finishes them.”
“I sunk into a depression only Hamlet would recognize.”
“You know, life's funny that way. Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong.”
“God is just an imaginary friend for grown ups.”
“All-star teams fail because they rely solely on the individual's talent.”
“Consider the implications if every single living thing is different than every other living thing.  Then diversity becomes life’s one irreducible fact.  Only variations are real.  To see them, you simply have to open your eyes.”
“You must acquire the trick of ignoring those who do not like you. In my experience, those who do not like you fall into two categories - the stupid and the envious. The stupid will like you in five years time.  The envious - never.”
Memories are like moonbeams, we do with them what we will.”
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