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“I represent what everyone is afraid of because I say and do whatever I want.”
“The first rule of fashion is you have to look weird.”
“The root of the word Miller come from a Greek word, millah, meaning apple, so there you go.  And our name, Portokalos, is come from the word meaning orange.  So today here, we have apples and oranges.  We all different now but in the end we're all fruit.”
“There are two kinds of people I can't stand – those who are intolerant of other cultures and the Dutch.”
“Your characters must change and the change must come from them.”
"Fifty percent of what people say when they are joking is true."
"Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one."
"Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is."
"The day we stop believing democracy will work is the day we lose it."
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