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“A man's character is his destiny.”
“Mom, you said that the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other.”
Destiny is what we make it.”
“The answer is out there Neo and it's looking for you.  It will find you if you want it to.”
“Accident rules every corner of the universe, except perhaps the chambers of the human heart.”
“I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.”
“It’s the woman that makes the dress.”
"You can bury freedom, but you can’t kill it. Taylor Jackson died for freedom. Aunt Lucille had to kill to get it. Life and death are only temporary, but freedom goes on forever."
“I’m going to go to bed before we both say things that we don’t mean.”
“I guess sometimes the past just catches up to you, whether you want it to or not.”
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