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“Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"?”
“You need to resign yourself to the awkwardness of life.  Only if you find peace within yourself will you find true connection with others.”
“It’s only when you embrace your past that you truly move forward.”
“If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it's almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt.”
“I believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between.”
"And in that moment. everything I knew to be true about myself up until then was gone. I was acting like another woman yet I was more myself than ever before."
“Oh you only fight the fights you can win?  You fight the fights that need fighting!”
“Without struggle, there is no progress.”
"There's a lot of room for multiplicity in God's creation."
"Monogamy is really a very unnatural state that's been forced on us for centuries by screwed up religious leaders who are completely out of touch with their own sexuality."
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