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“You've got to learn to deal with your feelings, Suzanne, before they deal with you.”
“You can follow the action, which gets you good pictures. You can follow your instincts, which will probably get you in trouble. Or, you can follow the money, which nine times out of ten will get you closer to the truth.”
“Oh, go on and cry. You'll pee less, as my grandma used to say.”
“Some people play hard to get. I play hard to want.”
“All in all, not a bad guy, if looks, brains and personality don’t count.”
"Never hate your enemy.  It affects your judgment."
"Politics and crime, they're the same thing."
“Maybe don’t make it so.”
"All in all, not a bad guy.  If looks, brains, and personality don't count."
"The only wealth in this world is children."
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