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“You never know why anybody does anything.  I don’t know why I chose these socks this morning.”
“We finally consummated this ancient lurking passion and all it did is put up a wall in our friendship.”
“I have to be a real person and make my own moral choices, even when they do require real courage.  Otherwise you’re like a robot or a lizard.”
"We're placed here with certain talents and capabilities and its up to each one of us to use those talents and capabilities as best you can."
"You only go around this crazy merry-go-round once."
"If we use our talents properly, I think there's a power greater than us that will place opportunities in our way."
"Nothing worthwhile is easy."
"With every new day, there's fresh hope."
"Whoever gets the funding, gets the technology.  Whoever gets the technology, stays on top."
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