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“I don’t know why, with such a glorious world as we’ve been provided, with birds, sunshine, beautiful trees and flowers, and the radio, why people don’t get on better than they do.”
“Do you suppose that if a man thought twice, he’s give his life for God and country?  Not bloody likely.”
“When we’ve done with you, you’ll be able to stand up and slaughter your enemies like civilized men.”
“If a King can’t sing, no use being King.”
“A mean man and a man of means often mean the same.”
"Barry was one of those born clever enough at gaming a fortune but incapable of keeping one.  For the qualities and energies which lead a man to achieve the first are often the very cause of his ruin in the latter case."
"It's important to have a place to think things out."
"Anybody can supply accuracy.  Artists produce truth."
"If you're a human being, you reserve the right to complain."
"Money, well-timed and properly applied, can accomplish anything."
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