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“One of the first principles of applied mindism is to never let negative feelings block the path to your goal.  Otherwise you are always sinking back into discouragement.”
“Good soldiers don’t think – they just obey.”
“Different countries, different customs.”
“We’ll take a drink if one’s being offered, but we won’t be put off if one isn’t.”
“I don’t know why, with such a glorious world as we’ve been provided, with birds, sunshine, beautiful trees and flowers, and the radio, why people don’t get on better than they do.”
"No player is greater than the game itself."
"Why argue about decisions you're not powerful enough to make yourself?"
"An honest day's work – that's what I call special."
"Lady Lyndon was soon to occupy a place in Barry's life not very much more important than the elegant carpets and pictures that would form the pleasant background of his existence."
"Corporate society takes care of everything.  All it asks of anyone, all it has ever asks of anyone ever, is not to interfere with management decisions."
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