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“An old man loses his home, he’s just a wanderer.”
They say a martini is like a woman's breast - one ain't enough and three is too many.”
“Life is confusing.  We’re all just trying to get on with it, that’s all.”
“The harder you come down on the deviant, the more you need him.”
“I don’t accept any of that ‘life is a river’ or ‘life is a fountain’ routine.  Perhaps philosophically it makes sense.  But man has to struggle or he’ll drown in the river.”
“I’m as good as I am, that’s how good I am.”
“Performing has a lot to do with being a good teacher, you know.  A teacher has to be on, and sense his audience.  I was a good teacher.”
“Good health is the most important thing, more than success, more than money, more than power.”
"Have a swig of this and your problems will vanish."
"I'm not in business to be loved but I am in business."
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