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“Golf and life itself have one thing in common – success is based on timing.”
“You take the average young person these days.  I mean the trouble is they’re looking for instant poetry, instant psychoanalysis, instant mashed potatoes, and instant old fashioned love.  They don’t realize it takes time to establish a meaningful relationship.”
“I keep hiring a lot of fellows who are supposed to have brilliant ideas but not one of them will ever do what I tell them.”
“If you have education, intelligence, and ability, so much the better.  But remember that thousands have reached the top without any of these qualities.”
“You have an inborn gift for mailroomery.”
“We all die.  It’s just a question of when.”
“Every new fashion is a form of rebellion.”

"The only miracle in marriage is that two people find each other in the first place."
"Sometimes you just have a feeling for a child, else 'n you don't."
"Since when do men grow up?  They just grow old."
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