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“I keep hiring a lot of fellows who are supposed to have brilliant ideas but not one of them will ever do what I tell them.”
“If you have education, intelligence, and ability, so much the better.  But remember that thousands have reached the top without any of these qualities.”
“You have an inborn gift for mailroomery.”
“We all die.  It’s just a question of when.”
“I’ve been enjoying myself so much I’ve forgotten that I’m depressed.”
“Before applying for a job, make sure the company is a large one.  This is essential.  It should be large enough so that nobody really knows what the other fellow is doing.”
“Every new fashion is a form of rebellion.”

"A man's gotta go his own way."
"Communication isn't just talking, it's feeling the other person, it's making contact."
"Marriages don't break up, they unravel."
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