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“A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need.”
“Love and trust.  That’s what makes a marriage great.”
“You love someone, or say you do.  It’s tangible, like words.  You are also loved, you form a bond.  It gives you security, a chance to endure.”
“God is a spirit, he cannot be seen with the eye.  He is seen only in the heart of those who have found a state of grace.”
“More important is the effort, not what we accomplish.”
“Too much law make people mad.”
It’s an old trick, to unify people by getting them to hate something or someone.”
“Sometimes, two people drift apart and they have to get together again because they were cut out for each other.  Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, they belong.”
“I think art is of enormous importance in people’s lives, especially for those who have problems.”
“Never discuss work when you’re having fun and never, never over a drink.”
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