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“Art is not a matter of appropriate design.  It’s not mathematics or politics or even beauty.  It’s an idea.”
“You’re the wrong age for soul.  It comes more naturally in the very young or very old.”
“If most things aren't funny then they're only exactly what they are.  Then it’s just one long dental appointment interrupted occasionally by something exciting like waiting or falling asleep.  What’s the point if I leave things just as I find them?  Then I’m just adding to the noise – I’m just taking up some room on the subway.”
“Only freedom can tame the wild, rebellious, palpitating heart of man.”
"You know, you're not anything like you think you are."
“Love takes us in strange ways.  It’s the language of the blood.  It’s neither cold nor indifferent.  It’s either agony or ecstasy, sometimes both at once.”
“You’ve got to own your own days and name them, every one of them, or else the years go right by and none of them belong to you.”
“You can’t choose between right and wrong by taking a census.”
“That’s the most you should expect from life – a really good apology for all the things you won’t get.”
“God sets them in there.  The sculptor only sets them loose.”
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