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“I’ve always made it a rule never to do anything in my own home that I wouldn’t do in front of a camera and never to do anything in front of the camera that I wouldn’t do at home.”
“You have to understand that he is a very intelligent man.  Last month, I fell asleep twice while he was talking to me.”
“Good marriages are made in heaven, or some such place.”
“I want him to know the special thing that he is or else he won’t notice it when it starts to go.”
“What do you have in mind – inhumement, entombment, inurnment, interment?  Some people lately just prefer in-sarcophogus-ment.”
“Elaine communicates with me almost entirely by rumor.”
“I’m a naturalist.  We believe that man is doomed by his myths, that there can be no peace on Earth until man rids himself of all belief in the supernatural.”
“If people didn’t try something new, there would hardly be any progress at all.”

“Art is not a matter of appropriate design.  It’s not mathematics or politics or even beauty.  It’s an idea.”
“You’re the wrong age for soul.  It comes more naturally in the very young or very old.”
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