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“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”
“Nothing is eternal, all must change.”
“You want to be your own boss but the trouble with that is you don’t pay yourself anything.”
“Men are the only animal that kills for fun.”
“We believe what they did when they made a man crazy was they made him fall in love.”

“An act of creation is an act of love.”
“Until you see a person’s home, you don’t really know them.”
“You are a lover of things and of people, so you took up work where you could get at as many of them as possible.  It just turned out there were too many of them and too much that moves you.”
“The only way you can tame a bird is to let him fly free.  It’s the only way you can tame anything.”
“That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen a man go through a day in my life.”
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