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“Will no man ever do something without a why, just like that, for the hell of it?”
"Acceptance of life is surely the first requisite for living it."
“When a child of any age can get love, it takes what it can get any way it can get it.”
"The new thing is to care passionately and be right wing."
“When a man is full, what can he do?  Burst.”
"A man has got just so much in his emotional bank balance and mine has run out."
“Am I not a man?  And is not a man stupid?  I’m a man, so I am married.  Wife, children, house, everything.  The full catastrophe.”
"The older population are leading this generation to a galloping ruin."
"When people need help, they go wherever they think they can find it."
"Some people take a drink, some take a pill.  I just take a few deep breaths."
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