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“I’m an ordinary man who desires nothing more than just an ordinary chance to live exactly as he likes and do precisely what he wants.”
“If it’s worse, it’s a sign it’s nearly over.”
"For better or for worse, children belong to their parents."
"Even I know the difference between loving someone and just going to bed with them."
“They say that age kills the fire inside of a man, that he hears Death coming, he opens the door and says, “Come in, give me rest!”  That is a pack of goddam lies.”
"Any light is a good light to see at the end of a long dark tunnel that you thought would be never-ending."
"One thing about unwanted children – they soon learn how to take care of themselves."
“In work, I am your man.  But in things like playing and singing, I am my own.”
"Generosity is the cornerstone of your nature."
"Facts - behind them lies the whole fabric of deductive truth."
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