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“Happy the man and happy he alone, he who can call today his own, he who’s secure within can say, tomorrow do thy worst for I have lived today.”
“Life is total war, my friend.  Nobody has the right to be a conscientious objector.”
“Mortal forms are but shadows of a purer reality.”
“Handsome is as handsome does.”
“’Tis said that hope is a bad supper but makes a good breakfast.”
“Give yourself to others – they’re insecure too.”
"Your master must not be love.  Never love.  You give yourself to love and you give yourself to forgetfulness of what you are and who you are and what you want."
"What you will not let go of, no one will take from you."
"The old game – give a wolf a taste and then keep him hungry."
"Everything that I shall ever want to hold or look upon or have or be is here now with you."
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