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“You answered without saying anything. That's politics.”
“All the brass ring gets you is a free ride on a wooden horse that’s going nowhere except up and down.”
“The big difference between people is not between the rich and the poor, the good and the evil.  The biggest of all differences between people is between those who have had pleasure in love and those who haven’t.”
“I felt something for somebody besides myself.   You know what that means?  It means that my heart is still alive.  It’s alive.”
“Eventually, the pressure of life without hope becomes unendurable.”
“Love is the only thing that keeps you from being lonely.”
“They are not long, these days of wine and roses.  Out of a misty dream, our path emerges for awhile, then closes in a dream.”
“Everything in life that matters is right here.”
"The glory of a good marriage don't come at the beginning. It comes later on."
“Anything worth having is worth suffering for, isn’t it?”
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