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“To doubt is not blasphemy.  When you say blasphemy, you mean don’t dare disagree, don’t think, don’t doubt.”
“You want a bit of life before it’s all over.  It takes all the guilt away.”
“It reminds me of that fellow back home that fell off a ten story building.  As he was falling people on each floor kept hearing him say, "So far, so good."”
“Big city people have got a coat of hard varnish but underneath they’re just as sick and scared as anybody else.”
“Justice itself is an abstraction, completely devoid of reality.”

“Please don’t understand me so fast.”

“There's right and there's wrong.  You got to do one or the other.  You do the one and you're living.  You do the other and you may be walking around, but you're dead as a beaver hat.”
"You've got to be young to do anything."
"Better to be a has-been than never-was."
"No one can ever go back and undo what's already done."
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