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“I searched for you in every man I met.”
“When the sick one is yourself, you cannot run away.”
“A ship is like a family.  We all have our own ideas of right and wrong but we have to pitch in for the good of the family.”
“Every man is entitled to be a boy for a little while.”
“I suppose when you spend most of your life in one profession, you develop what could be called an occupational point of view.”
"Every girl should have a prince – at least one."
"I want to enjoy things, have fun, live every day like it's the last day.  Wouldn't that be nice, a lifetime full of last days?"
"If you've got enough money, no excuses are necessary."
"Only when you come to me with love, and leave me with your kisses stinging on my mouth, do I find life sweet."
"I like to drag the night out a little."
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