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“To make a hundred dollars into a hundred and ten dollars – this is work.  To make a hundred million into a hundred and ten million – this is inevitable.”
“I searched for you in every man I met.”
“When the sick one is yourself, you cannot run away.”
“A ship is like a family.  We all have our own ideas of right and wrong but we have to pitch in for the good of the family.”
“Every man is entitled to be a boy for a little while.”
“I suppose when you spend most of your life in one profession, you develop what could be called an occupational point of view.”
“I have learnt how to live - how to be ‘in the world’ and ‘of the world’, and not just to stand aside and watch.  I will never, never again run away from life.”
“A donkey with a stick behind him and a carrot in front always goes forwards.”
“When a fire burns itself out, all you have left is ashes.”
“A script would’ve made so much more sense than life does.”
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