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“The fundamental things apply as time goes by.”
"There are some things a woman doesn't want another woman to understand."
"Time waits for no man."
"If you don't feel it yourself, you learn nothing."
"Everyone's entitled to his mode of expression."
"You can fool everybody, but laudy deary me, you can't fool a cat.  They seem to know who's not right."
"I know what love is.  It's understanding.  It's you and me and let the rest of the world go by.  Just the two of us living our lives together happily and proudly.  No self-torture, no doubt.  It's enduring and everlasting.  Nothing can change it."
"Childhood tragedies are inclined to corrode the soul."
"After all, what is money?  It's a token.  It's the power to buy ourselves something that will make us a little happier."
"The law is the sum of the experience of civilized man."
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