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“We mustn’t waste time in fear.”
“When will you realize that in this world today, isolationism is no longer a practical policy.”
“If you want people to like you, you’ve got to like people.”
“I know how comfortable it is to curl up with a nice fat book full of big words and think you're going to solve all the problems in the universe. But you're not you know. A bit of action is required every now and then.”
“A child has rights.  A person has rights, to discover her own mistakes, to make her own way, to grow and blossom in her own particular soil.”
“Independence is reliance on one’s own will and judgment.”
“If I could get rid of some of my inhibitions just for once I might have more confidence.”
“You mustn’t miss the moment.  There’s only one first sailing into Rio harbor.”
“Let me tell you about heroes.  I’ve covered a lot of them and I’m saying Gehrig is the best.  No front page scandals, no daffy excitement, no hornpiping in the spotlight.  He’s a guy who does his job and nothing else.”
“Take part.  Contribute.  Be interested in everything and everybody.”
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