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“I don’t care how small the right is you try to take away from me, I’ll fight for it.”
“Cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth.”
“It is the eternal right of every man to raise his fist against his fate.”
“Two people look at each other and they see something way deep inside that nobody else can.”
“The Lord forgiveth those that invent what they need.”
“They’re apt to be slightly narrow-minded, these righteous people.”
“Scientists can write all the books they like about love being a trap of nature, that it’s the biology and the chemistry inside a woman that fools her.  But all the scientists are going to convince are other scientists, not women in love.”
“Them that are rich enough to give are smart enough to want.”
“If you waited for a man to propose by natural causes, you’d die of old maidenhood.”
"Isn't it silly to spend the best years of our lives waiting?  Why not be comfortable now?
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