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“You can’t lose something that is part of you.  It will always be there.”
“Without that job and those lines to say, an actress is just like any ordinary girl, trying not to look as scared as she feels.”
“There’s a difference between dreaming and doing.  The dreamers just sit around and moon about how wonderful it would be if only things were different.  The years roll on and by and by they grow old and they forget everything, even about their dreams.”
“It is easier to die when the heart is full of gratitude.”
“No matter where you may run you can never run away from yourself.”
“Don’t build fences – you may fall over them.”
“Be mindful that kingdoms are conquered not by a sword but through faith.”
“Did you ever win a bet on what a woman might do?”
"Somebody once called fidelity a fading woman's greatest weapon and a charming woman's greatest hypocrisy."
“There will always be a wilderness to conquer.”
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