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“People in serious trouble don’t care who helps them out.”
“The soul of a great nation is expressed in the life of its humblest people.”
“There can’t be any doubt in marriage.  The whole thing is built on faith.  If you’ve lost that, you’ve lost everything.”
“What use is a good thought if no one agrees with it?”
“If I hold you any closer, I'll be in back of you.”
“Riches harden the heart.”
“For every dream of yours that you make come true, you’ll pay the price in heartbreak.”
“Everyone in this world who has ever dreamed about better things has been laughed at.”
“Tragedy is a test of courage. If you can meet it bravely, it will leave you bigger than it found you.”
"I've never had a dream that didn't come true, if I waited long enough."
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