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“Don’t tell yourself that too often, you’ll come to believe it.”
“Have you ever noticed how transparent people are when you really look at them?”
“I think most people travel to get away from themselves.”
“The road out in front of my house - it's on a steep hill.  Every day I watch the cars climbing up. Some go lickety-split up that hill on high, some have to shift into second, and some sputter and shake and slip back to the bottom again. Same cars, same gasoline, yet some make it and some don't.  And I say the fellows who can make the hill on high should stop once in a while and help those who can't.  That's all I'm trying to do with this money.  Help the fellows who can't make the hill on high."
“One should always listen closely when people say goodbye because sometimes they're really saying farewell.”
“I guess I found out that all famous people aren’t big people.”
“Time changes our mind as well as our hearts.”
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