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“Very old Chinese wise man once say, "Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometimes mistaken for the other."
“Just because I’ve stopped working doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped being helpful.”
“All sacrifices are not made in terms of money.”
“I’ve been doing things myself for a long time now.  I thought I’d give things a chance to do something to me.”
“Don’t tell yourself that too often, you’ll come to believe it.”
“Have you ever noticed how transparent people are when you really look at them?”
“I think most people travel to get away from themselves.”
“Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I never tried.”
“Self conscious, maybe that’s my trouble.  Maybe that’s the trouble with all reconciled couples afterwards.”
“One gets lost trying to fight a lie.”
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