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RESOURCEFUL: "I didn't invent the rainy day man, I just own the best umbrella."

almost 1Movie quote from: Almost Famous (2000) - Dennis Hope (Jimmy Fallon)

Fifteen year old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) loves rock music.  The difference between him and other teens is that he writes for Creem and Rolling Stone magazines.  He earned this role by fearlessly launching himself into the world of rock musicians.  Rather than watching life, William gets involved in the things he loves.  Although a rock manager named Dennis Hope (Jimmy Fallon's first movie role) says the Almost Famous quote above, it represents the spirit of the film's lead character.  No matter what obstacles he faces, William always finds a way to make his dreams come true.

Resourcefulness is getting things done.  It is focusing on solutions rather than problems.  When William can't get into a concert to interview Black Sabbath, he befriends the lead group Stillwater to get in the door.  When his rock wary mother (Frances McDormand) questions his hanging around with musicians, she ends up driving him to the concerts.  When he secures a contract to write about the rock group for Rolling Stone, he befriends an experienced music critic to guide him in his work.  William is a great example of how a person does not have to be pushy or emotional to get what they want. 

We can all be as resourceful as William.  Simply committing to the creation of a solution puts us halfway there.  Resourcefulness develops with every experience we have in pursuit of our dreams.  Unfortunately, most of us prefer the easier path of leaving life to chance.   

Almost Famous is a great coming-of-age story that demonstrates how a goal-oriented youth with parental support can make their first life transition much more meaningful.  It begins with a fire in the belly.  It continues when obstacles are seen as opportunities to expand our resourcefulness.  It is ironic that the great value of life comes more from the 'almost-ness' of our goals than from actually getting there.

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